Enduro Madness - Novice Training

Novice Training

Enduro Madness Pattaya can teach competent motorbike riders who are novices to the off-road with less than 50 full days of off-road riding experience, correct techniques, what to look out for and show you how to keep the dirt in between your tire tread and not in between your teeth! Once you start riding dirtbikes you’re going to realize that it’s a lot different from riding a street motorcycle. You may be a great rider on the road, but off road is a whole different ball game. Enduro Madness Pattaya will give you the necessary training to get you up to speed.

Our customers come from all backgrounds, cultures and abilities, we realize that just having a standardized training regime won’t cut the mustard when it comes to giving quality training, that’s why we do all we can to know your abilities before we even meet face to face via our online ability evaluation form. This gives us a good idea to work from. It might be that you already have good skills in certain areas and not in others, our initial assessment will point these areas out which will give us the info we need to create the perfect training session for you, adapting as we go and targeting areas to improve.

The main areas we go over in our Novice training are:

  • Clutch control
  • Stop / Start
  • Posture
  • Turning Body English
  • Weight transfer
  • Steering geometry
  • Eye line
  • Throttle
  • Braking front / rear / both
  • Riding in mud, sand, over rocks and through water
  • Crossing ditches and riding over ruts, potholes and across ledges.

Please Note:
There is a Novice rider training additional surcharge of 1,000 THB for the Half Day enduro tour and 1,500 THB for the full day tour. The training is conducted as private tuition. If you are looking for training with your friend (s) the surcharge is to be shared between your group and is not a per person surcharge. Maximum 4 riders per Instructor.

Hotel pick up / drop off times for a 3 hour or full day training sessions are the same as the standard 3 hour or full day trail tour and can be booked online but please remember to add to your booking that you are looking for a novice PRIVATE training tour.