Enduro Madness - Beginner Training

Beginner Training

Training complete beginners and training the very best riders are both specialties of Enduro Madness and our experienced pro guides are excellent at teaching all levels of riders. Since 2008, we have successfully trained literally thousands of people how to ride a geared motorbike off-road!

Prices and hotel pick up / drop off times for a 3 hour or full day training session are exactly the same as the standard 3 hour or full day trail tour because this is an area Enduro Madness absolutely tries to promote! New Rider training can be booked online in the same way as our standard 3 hour or full day tour however please remember to state that you are looking for a New Rider beginner training tour in the comments section.

For complete beginners who have never ridden a geared motorbike before we would recommend a full day training tour where we can take you from complete beginners to competent motorbike riders in just one day. We would recommend a 3 hour session if your slightly worried about your fitness skills or if you are very short on time, however to teach you in such a short time frame can be difficult as riders vary in the speed of which they can learn their new skills and the key to learning to ride a dirt bike is patience. You need to be relaxed and have no feeling of being rushed. We guarantee that we will be able to teach anyone to drive a geared motorbike well within one day in fact usually within an hour! All you need to bring with you is a keen attitude and we will take care of the rest!.

The main bikes we use for tours are the Kawasaki and Honda 250cc bikes, which are great all round strong bikes. We also stock two KX 140cc, three Klx 150cc bikes and a Klx 125cc which all possess very smooth throttle power and importantly they are lower to the ground making them ideal for beginners with less confidence who will need to put their foot down to the ground quickly when off balance.

For the full day training tour we will pick you up in our Enduro-Madness luxury minibus at 9.30 am. You will arrive around 10 am and we will have our girls help you get ready with all the correct clothing and full body Armour protection. You will be kitted up to the hill with quality brand name safety gear that means you won't feel a thing in the event of coming off the bike. When your ready we will slowly explain to you the basics of riding a geared motorbike. Afterwards we will show you and teach you about clutch control in first gear to get you moving. We will get you comfortable in gears one, then two and then three before heading off to our specific beginners practice field to work on other skills. Clutch control and gear one is the hardest part and once we have moved on from this you are already 80% there!

We GUARANTEE that we will have you riding competently and confidently by the end of your tour and as of yet we have a 100% success rate! During the full day zero to hero tour after learning the basics you will enjoy a trail ride to our remote lunch destination and then after lunch you will be riding the amazing trails that will be carefully chosen for your safety and maximum pleasure. At the end of the day you will safely be able to say that you CAN ride a dirt bike! Grab a hot or cold shower, a semi frozen beer on the house and sit back and congratulate yourself before we transfer you back to your hotel at around 5 pm. As you slumber in the minibus seat you will leave us with a feeling of humongous accomplishment at the amazing life skill you have just learnt.