Enduro Madness - Experienced Training

Experienced Riders Training

As experienced Enduro Madness level 3 riders you must have under your belt a minimum of 50 full days off-road experience. Perhaps you have been riding enduro for twenty years but struggle on certain issues. Whether you want training and tips incorporated into your trail ride or whether you want to focus on specific riding techniques, all you have to do is inform us briefly in the comments section when booking.

After kitting up we will discuss in more details the areas you are looking to improve on. Once we have listened to your requests and then accessed your riding ability at our practice track, we will make a tailor made training package for you that will surely reap fantastic results. During the trail ride you will be asked to ride ahead of the guide in certain sections so he can see your technique. Then if performed incorrectly we will give you constructive criticism and repeat the section. By the ride you will be absolutely amazed at how much you have improved.

The areas we can go over in our level 3 Experienced Rider training sessions are limitless and will depend on your abilities. Examples of training areas we may wish to go over with you are:

  • Posture
  • Weight transfer
  • Steering geometry
  • Turning Body English
  • Eye line
  • Throttle response timing
  • Braking front / rear / both
  • Riding in mud, sand, over rocks and through water
  • Crossing ditches and riding over ruts, potholes and across ledges.
  • Stopping and traversing using alternative methods on steeper hills
  • Negotiating inclines and descents when riding through hilly areas, tight turning on peaks.
  • Endurance
  • Jumps and jumping tricky obstacles
  • Rear / front wheel slides
  • Effective Clutch control
  • Wheelies
  • Cornering
  • Braking points system
Please Note: There is an Experienced rider training additional surcharge of 1,000 THB for the 3 hour training tour and 1,500 THB for the full day training tour. The training is conducted as private tuition. If you are looking for training with your friend (s) the surcharge is to be shared between your group and is not a per person surcharge. Maximum 4 riders per training instructor.
Hotel pick up / drop off times for a 3 hour or full day training sessions are the same as the standard 3 hour or full day trail tour and can be booked online but please remember to add to your booking that you’re looking for an Experienced rider private training tour.