Adventure Motorcycle Tours Thailand

Adventure Motorcycle Tours Thailand

Welcome to the home of big Adventure motorbike tours in Thailand.

At Motorbike Madness, we specialize in big bike tours all over the northern, eastern, and southeastern seaboard. Our extensive knowledge of these incredible exciting roads and trails make our tours the best in Thailand. We’ve been making constant improvements to all our tours since 2008 when we first started our initial off-road adventure company Enduro Madness. Now with the introduction of Motorbike Madness, all that expertise and knowledge can be offered on our sensational new big bike tours.

Years of touring all over Thailand have given us a massive database of contacts local to each specific region of the tours. Together we’ve designed what we think is Thailand’s ultimate riding adventure. Through these local contacts, we’ve been able to access areas barely seen before by western tourists. Special permissions had to be granted with chiefs of villages and townships. We follow their guidelines with great respect as at times some trials leading to sensitive borders are no-go areas. Needless to say, our guides are always kept up to date with current situations. The result of such an investigation is a once-in-a-lifetime journey into the unknown. We put the REAL in adventure.

When you choose Motorbike Madness it’s more than a bike tour. We’ve chosen special accommodation on overnight tours bringing you closer to the essence of what Thailand is all about, the people. From the epic Northern mountains with its hill tribes dating back centuries, steeped in tradition with cultural backgrounds from the whole Golden Triangle. To the eastern borders where the culture of Myanmar has blended with traditional Thais. These unforgettable mountainous passes and truly world-class waterfalls are their home. See landscapes forgotten in time that seems to be straight out of a movie set, It’s no wonder Hollywood chooses such locations.

You will meet these mysterious tribes and villagers during these mind-blowing evenings giving you insight into their mystifying lives.

Our eastern seaboard tours take you to Thailand’s legendary gulf islands and coastal roads. Combining sensational coastal roads with a tropical island atmosphere is for some a recipe made in heaven. Come see the wild side of island life with us as we guide you off the beaten track.

Although our tours - at times - go to the extremes we never forget safety. Our English-speaking guides are fully aware of Thailand’s road laws, weather conditions, and regional constraints. Our lead and support riders will always be there for you at all times.

Our tours range from one-day local adventure tours to epic 14-day experiences. Our tour page has a detailed explanation of each tour giving you all the information you need to make an informed choice.

In conclusion, we are a motorbike tour company like no other offering you a journey into the unknown. Meet the real authentic people of Thailand, see nature and wildlife in all its glory and ride coastal roads to your dream tropical islands. See it all with Motorbike Madness.

Rental options are also available for those who wish to make their own adventures. Our fleet consists of the CB 500X and Suzuki V Strom 650 giving riders the perfect mix of power and riding comfort. Our bikes are always maintained to the highest standard and fully road legal giving you peace of mind whilst touring.

For rental rates and conditions visit our website for options and prices.

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