Enduro Madness - Liability Disclaimer

Liability Disclaimer

During the Enduro Madness Thailand enduro tour the participants will drive on unpaved roads and tracks which are designed for off-road vehicles only and are often very poorly maintained. There can be unexpected track damages (such as landslides, large potholes, very uneven terrain, fallen trees,) as well as wild animals, undisciplined traffic and other unforeseen obstacles. Proper road- and traffic signs are not to be expected.

It is recommended to have an adequate and sufficient personal insurance coverage for all hazards mentioned. The participants should make sure that their insurance company is made aware of their participation in this kind of extreme sport activity and that the coverage is sufficient and adequate.

Each participant is expected to cooperate with the rest of the group, to help other participants in an adequate way if necessary and to be tolerant and patient toward others participants. Each participant is personally responsible for his or her way of driving and for the adherence to the traffic rules and to the local laws. Each participant drives at his or her own risk. This is also valid, when the participant follows the tour guide. Each participant must adapt his/her way of driving to his/her own skill and experience, and to the conditions of road, traffic and terrain. Each participant is responsible for his/her own security and safety. By booking a tour with Enduro Madness Pattaya you understand the risks involved and agree that you will not hold Enduro-Madness responsible for any injuries you may sustain during the tour including death. It is forbidden to participate in our tour under the influence of alcohol.

All equipment is provided with the proviso that all participants use it in a responsible manner. Any riding which results in any equipment breakages and parts need to be replaced such as broken headlights or bent handlebars will be the sole responsibility of the driver including all costs of repairs or replacements. Any mechanical failure due to normal everyday wear and tear will not be charged to the customer including minor bumps and scratches.