Enduro Madness - Eight Day Seven Nights Dirt Bike Tour

Eight Day Seven Nights Tour

We have been running awesome Thailand enduro tours since 2008 and believe we have got the perfect balance between challenging rides and having fun. After all, you are on holiday vacation and therefore we understand your main priority is indeed to have fun, chill out and basically have the time of your lives. In fact, many customers say that their Enduro-Madness holiday was indeed just that as we pull out all the stops to make sure you have an incredible holiday. After the tour, you will feel like you have really accomplished something special! You will have experienced the best trails the beautiful Eastern Seaboard has to offer and you will have had a guaranteed amazing time.

During your 8 days tour, we’ll energize, inspire, invigorate, challenge and excite you not only with our ‘garden of Eden' of magical off-road trails through mesmerizing scenery but with the entire package as a whole. Our 8 days 7 nights Pattaya Enduro tour is run from the same Enduro-Madness base every day yet the world-class trails are totally different each day. The trails are not only different routes but also completely different terrains with a mix of gnarly technical sections and easier sections. In fact our local trails are so good they are used every year for FIM Asian Enduro races. Every day your riding gear is cleaned and bikes prepped to perfection so you can ride in complete comfort. We believe this is one of the reasons that makes this tour so special, allowing you to ride some of Thailand's best dedicated REAL Enduro trails in the daytime and enjoy incredible world-class hospitality in the evenings at the famous Pattaya City Thailand! This really is the best of both worlds offering a VIP enduro tour at an amazingly affordable price.

In a nutshell, the 8-day tour consists of 5 full days of dirt bike trail riding, a rest day charter upon a big Speedboat to 3 deserted white sand islands (or Yacht upgrade), a ‘welcome’ day and a departure day. During your 7 night stay, each rider will be enjoying their own deluxe large pool room at the Sabai Lodge hotel located on a quiet side road just off the main beach road right in the heart of Pattaya. Within the large room are a king-sized bed, aircon, satellite TV, fridge, keypad lighting system, phone, wifi and a huge swimming pool. Every day wake up in total comfort and enjoy a sumptuous, monstrous breakfast to prepare you for the day's activities. Opposite the hotel is an excellent traditional Thai massage venue which often comes in handy to soothe away any weary muscle aches and pains.

On the ride days, our minibus will pick you up at 9.30 am. After arriving at Enduro Madness and getting kitted up we will hit the trails around 10.30 am and finish the day's ride around 5 pm. Our Thailand Enduro Champion tour guides will be taking photos for everyone and all riders will receive a google drive link to the pictures taken during the amazing holiday tour. GoPro action video camera footage is also supplied complimentary so that you can enjoy the memories of our amazing trails for a lifetime!

There is no shortage of activities to enjoy in the evenings with literally several hundred exquisite restaurants with incredibly well-priced cuisine from all over the world, beer bars, Irish pubs, Gogo bars, nightclubs, boxing stadiums, GoKart tracks, gun shooting ranges, theaters, cultural shows, massage outlets, plazas and shopping centres including Asia’s largest beachside shopping mall. Whatever you're looking for you will find and we will be there to advise you where to find the best of the best.

We look forward to showing you why we offer the best Enduro holiday tours, not only in Thailand but in all of Asia!

TOUR ITINERARY: For a Detailed Tour Itinerary please see at bottom of the page.

  • Day 1: Welcome! Relax, Swim, Tour Briefing and Thai/Seafood dinner!
  • Day 2: Pattaya Dirt Bike Adventure Tour.
  • Day 3: Deep Jungle challenging single-track mountain goat trails.
  • Day 4: Nang Yong Boulder Mountains Enduro Adventure.
  • Day 5: Rest Day. Private luxury Speedboat Charter to 5 deserted Islands.
  • Day 6: Scenic trail ride to Silver Lake Vineyard, Buddha Mountain, Thai Temple, Quick Elephant trek and Crocodile Feeding after lunch!
  • Day 7: Sriracha Enduro Adventure or if you're too tired from riding choose either: Custom ATV Adventure Tour or Ramayana Water Park.
  • Day 8: Check out, Minibus to the airport or your next destination.


Only 49,900 THB / Rider!

Please Note: Our Prices are based on a minimum of 6 Riders per tour. You are welcome to book alone or with fewer people however, prices will adjust unless you are happy to be flexible with tour dates so we can put you with other riders of a similar skill level.

Included in the Price:

  • Honda 300cc dirt bikes, fuel.
  • Professional Thailand enduro champion English speaking guides.
  • Enduro clothing, boots, knee pads, body armour, helmet, goggles, gloves and hydration packs are all provided and all are top quality brand named gear which we keep in excellent condition and clean daily!
  • 5 Days of incredible dirt bike trail riding.
  • Rest Day - VIP speedboat 3 deserted islands charter with Thai dishes and Seafood lunch at island restaurant with free-flow soft drinks throughout the day! (66-foot luxury yacht Upgrade available for a surcharge of just 18,000 THB to be shared between the entire group!)
  • 7 nights of deluxe accommodation, 8 days of breakfast and Thai lunches!
  • Airport round trip transfers with the Enduro-Madness minibus!
  • Welcome Day Thai or seafood authentic excellent dinner with soft drinks!
  • Elephant Trek, Crocodile fishing and remote temples!
  • One Enduro Madness T-Shirt and one Enduro-Madness Riders long sleeve shirt souvenir.
  • Optional second rest day for tired riders where you can either enjoy a chilled out ATV adventure cruise or spend the day at Ramayana water park - Asia's biggest white knuckle waterpark.
  • Google Drive link full of all the photos and video clip footage our guides have taken for the group during the ride days. We will provide a couple of GoPros to give to our guides or riders. Therefore you can enjoy the memories of our amazing trails for a lifetime!

Not Included in the Price:  

  • Flights to and from your home country.
  • Evening meals (except first evening) and evening beverages/beer etc. This allows our customers the freedom to enjoy a full range of evening meals and entertainment to suit their budget.
  • Travel insurance and medical insurance please arrange from your home country.
  • Bike Damage: We do not charge for scratches on the plastics from dropping the bike or for mechanical issues, however, we do charge if you break something and we have to change it, for example, bend the handlebars, cracked plastics or a smashed headlight. If something does break we are very fair and the parts are cheap as the Honda dirt bikes we use are made here in Thailand.

Available Tour Dates: One tour each and every month!

  • 1st to the 8th for Novice, Experienced and Expert Riders. Riders will be split into groups depending on abilities yet all will be together in the evenings.
  • Please check out How we rate riders skill levels?

Please note:

  • For private groups of 8 or more riders, we can offer custom tour dates and extra days of riding at your request.
  • For group bookings of 6 or more riders, the organiser in your group will receive a 15% discount off the cost of his or her tour fee.
  • Max 10 riders per tour for join in groups. If private group max size 20 riders (Usually split into 2 groups)
  • Please answer honestly when stating your skill level according to the Enduro Madness skill rating chart. Please don't worry if you are a novice as we will always have enough guides to split the group up accordingly and remember the biggest winner is always those who enjoy themselves the most upon the Enduro Madness Northern Thailand Ultimate Enduro Adventure Tour! Please check out this link for info on How we rate rider's skill levels?
Please book early to avoid disappointment as our awesome Pattaya enduro tours fill up fast.

To Enquire about available tour dates please get in touch now.

Full details Tour Itinerary!

Day 1: Welcome! Relax, Swim, Tour Briefing and Thai/Seafood dinner!

On day one we can either pick you up from the airport at the time of your flight arrival or alternatively if you're already here enjoying some pre-tour partying we can pick you up from the hotel that you are staying at in Pattaya or Bangkok and take you to the Sabai Lodge where you can drop your bags off in your comfortable room.

The day is yours to relax poolside, at the beach, perhaps recover from jet lag, change some money, go shopping or head out and explore the fabulous city and its amazing attractions.

At 7 pm we will meet you in the hotel and then take you to an excellent Traditional Thai and Seafood restaurant with authentic Thai dancers and musicians playing in the background. During the dinner, we can discuss the planned riding ahead and answer any questions that you may have whilst demolishing some brilliant local cuisine. After dinner, you can either head downtown and we will be happy to show you some recommended venues or simply retreat back to the hotel for an early night ready for the next day's ride.

Day 2: Pattaya Dirt Bike Adventure Tour.

At 9,30 am the Enduro-Madness minibus will pick you up and take you to our base where you can try out the bikes and we can make any adjustments you might want for a custom fit. Adjust gear lever, foot brake, clutch, front brake, and suspension to your liking. Get kitted up and we will hit the trails around 10.30 am and return around 4.30 pm.

On the first day, we shall take it fairly easy and get used to your bikes and the tropical environment. Riding through an array of trails gives you a taster of what's to come. Farmlands, pineapple and coconut plantations, rubber, banana and eucalyptus tree plantations, Chad Nok Dam, rocky pathways, woodlands, streams and other water obstacles all in one amazing action-packed adrenaline-fueled day. In the rainy season, we even have our own local waterfall to cool off in.

After lunch, it's on to some fantastic deep sandy trails and dirt roads up to the peaks of some nearby mountainside tracks. On a clear day, the views stretch for endless miles showing all of Pattaya, Jomtien, Bang Saray and the many islands out at sea in the Pattaya archipelago.

Day 3: Awesome single-track Jungle trails and Motocross track.

We will head off to Khao Mai Kaeo Jungle where there is over 70 km of awesome single track jungle goat trails. The trails can get very tight, steep and challenging and there are some spectacular viewpoints. The shade that the tall trees in the thick jungle give is most welcome.

In the deep Jungle, there are plenty of wild animals and also cattle that are herded by some local families. We often come across 50 cows that are roaming freely (usually when we are ascending a steep narrow trail). In the rainy season, these intense jungle trails can get extremely boggy and slippery with plenty of huge swamps that need to be negotiated.

There is also an awesome sandy custom motocross track located in the heart of the Jungle. We’ll do several laps and if desired we can work on some skills you may feel you might need improving on. After the track exhausts you we will be back on yet more beautiful Thai trails and head back to base for a shower and a few well-deserved beers.

Day 4: Ban Chang Nang Yong Mountains Ultimate Enduro Adventure

Day four’s ride is designed for those who eat dynamite for breakfast! It’s a monster trail route that serves up endless gasoline/adrenalin fused cocktails. So who ordered mud on the rocks? Coming right up!

We will be separating the men from the boys as we head off to the Nang Yong Bang Chang Mountains. This will definitely be the most challenging day’s ride of the entire holiday enduro tour. Luckily there are several routes through these mountains so we will choose the best route that the group can handle. Novices don't worry we also have alternative routes around the mountain base. It is slightly similar to the Khao Mai Kaeo single track jungle trails except the inclines are steeper, the boulders are bigger, the ruts are deeper and the views are out of this world.

It’s a 35 km ride to the mountains, 40km through them and then 35km back again. The ride to and from the mountain is on different trails which are absolutely awesome in their own right, passing through remote villages in the middle of rubber tree plantations and in the rainy season there are many creek crossings to negotiate.

Often our guides will be taking some bikes through certain sections that customers might not be able to handle. As ever we are happy to help and are always there to assist you. Most riders say that the course we provide for you on this day is the most challenging, epic and amazing full day dirt bike trail riding they have ever done!

Day 5: Rest Day. Speedboat Charter to 3 desert Islands or Luxury Yacht Upgrade.

Relax, Chillout, recuperate, as we head off on a boat trip to 3 deserted white sand islands courtesy of Pattaya Yacht Charters Co., ltd. We will spend the day visiting white-sand beaches and snorkelling in the crystal clear waters with vibrant coral reefs around the deserted far Islands that make up the Pattaya archipelago. Perhaps a spot of fishing, a few beers and a tasty Thai and Seafood lunch at a quiet Navy beach restaurant. We may also stop off at Monkey Island and feed these incredible cheeky magic monkeys that will start swimming to greet you upon first sight. Turning up the boat's sound system at sunset as we head back to Ocean Marina (S.E Asia’s largest marina) where the Enduro-Madness minibus will be waiting to transfer you back to your hotel.

Yacht upgrade available!

Please Note: 64ft Luxury Motor Yacht upgrade is available for a 18,000 THB surcharge to be shared between the group.

Day 6: Silver Lake Vineyard, Big Buddha Mountain, stunning Thai Temples, Elephant trek and Crocodile Fishing!

Day 6 is a long ride on wide-open dirt roads and deep sandy trails to the beautiful Silver Lake Vineyard and the Big Buddha Mountain. We will briefly stop off for a few quick photos at two serene Thai temples – Wat Yansangwararam and Wat Viharnra Sien that are along the trail route. Lunch is served in a remote outback restaurant with a Thai menu overlooking the spectacular Buddha mountain and vineyard. After lunch, we will briefly air out our boots and enjoy a relaxing 15-minute Elephant trek followed by some crocodile fishing where we feed the crocs with chicken on some string using bamboo wooden rods.

We will then ride some challenging technical trails in the valleys heading towards Sattahip before we continue the large loop back to the Enduro-Madness base via wide dirt roads that invite you to crack open that throttle.

Day 7: Sriracha Enduro Adventure or if you're too tired from riding choose either: Custom ATV Adventure half-day tour or an afternoon at the Ramayana Water Park.

OPTION A: Sri Racha Enduro Trails

The Sriracha Enduro really has got it all. Deep desert-like sandy roads, thick muddy dirt roads, jungle trails and plenty of stream crossings including a refreshing waterfall (rainy season only). There is a part on the trail where there are seven natural tight valleys in a straight line one after the other akin to huge whoops, they are so surreal they almost look man-made. Another part of the trail requires us to ride 1km up a rocky stream bed with big boulders in place and limestone sides to continue on the route. The Sriracha ride is technical, challenging and as with all our rides…… loadsa fun! Again Novice routes are available.

OPTION B: ATV or Buggy Adventure tour

If you’re feeling pretty tired from all the riding then why not enjoy a well-deserved lie-in in the morning. When you wake up, enjoy a late breaky and a refreshing dip in the pool or perhaps a soothing Thai oil massage. Get ready for a 12 pm minibus pick up to our base where lunch will be provided in the form of a huge Beef, Chicken or veggie burger, fries, salad and fresh fruits of the season followed by an afternoon of cruising the trails on Polaris ATV or our 660cc custom Buggy Karts.

OPTION C: Ramayana Waterpark

If you're too exhausted to ride, a second option you can choose is to visit Asia's biggest and baddest white knuckle water park called Ramayana. The minibus pick up will be at 12 pm and you will be dropped back again at around 6.30 pm.

As the Enduro-Madness holiday tour draws to a close no doubt you will want to party like there's no tomorrow.

Day 8: Check out, Minibus to airport or next destination and Goodbye till next time….

Wake up with a huge feeling of accomplishment that you have successfully completed the Enduro Madness Pattaya Holiday tour!

Checkout time from the hotel is flexible however you must be checked out of the room by 12pm. Our minibus can take you back to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport at any time you desire or alternatively, the minibus can drop you off at your next hotel if you are extending your holiday further.

To Enquire about available tour dates please get in touch now.