Enduro Madness - Couples Training

Couples Training

Think you and your partner have done it all? Would you like to try something you’ve never done together before? Enduro Madness Pattaya offers you a day you’ll never forget!

Or are you a dirtbike widow? This is your chance to show your partner just what you’re made of. We specialize in a couple's tour with as much fun, excitement and exhilaration as you can handle. Why not treat your loved one to a spectacular day on the amazing trails of Pattaya’s outback jungles, mountains and flatlands
Different experience levels between the both of you is not a problem as we have several options for you. Firstly we can perhaps train the weaker partner separately in the morning whilst the stronger partner enjoys a trail ride. Then meet up for lunch and ride together in the afternoon.

Secondly we can choose a trail that has a good mixture of elements and terrain to suit you both, perhaps starting off in the morning on some of Pattaya’s easier trails and finish off in the afternoon with locations which really test you both.
Thirdly you may choose to ride together in the mornings and then after lunch the stronger partner may continue to ride alone on more demanding routes while the other partner can chill out riding more placid trails. There is no set schedule at Enduro Madness Pattaya, you call the shots and we’ll make it happen! We’re here to deliver a time of your life experience!

Please Note:
There is a Couples rider training additional surcharge of 1,000 THB for the 3 hour training tour and 1,500 THB for the full day training tour. The training is conducted as private tuition.
Hotel pick up / drop off times for a 3 hour or full day training sessions are the same as the standard 3 hour or full day trail tour and can be booked online but please remember to add to your booking that you are looking for a couple's PRIVATE training tour.

If you are looking for training with your partner the surcharge is to be shared between you and your partner and is not a per person surcharge.