Enduro Madness - Father and Son Training

Father and Son Training

Looking for a sport that will thrill your son or daughter with excitement? Enduro Madness Pattaya has just the tour for you. You won’t find any laptop computer games or tablets here, it’s an outdoor adventure never to be forgotten. Doing an adventurous sport like this really brings you together and gives both of you a chance to really prove what you're made of. Getting your son or daughter into enduro trail bike riding is a great way to keep them healthy and active in a sport that will truly test their character, patience and perseverance.
Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, it’s a great way to bond with your son as you help one another conquer the various tracks and trails. You’re never too old or too young to learn how to ride ride dirt bikes – we often get fathers and sons who learn together to conquer the off-road trails with the expert tuition of our instructors.

We’ve run this training tour a thousand times and the result have always been the same from both father and son, fun all round and great big beaming smiles from ear to ear. The sense of achievement is like nothing else on earth. It’s a day that the both of you will remember and cherish forever.

The main bikes we use are Kawasaki and Honda 250cc four strokes, which are great all round safe and strong bikes. We also stock a KLX 125cc, three klx 150cc and two kx 140cc bikes which have less power and are lower to the ground. The lower bikes are great for children over the age of 13 and also for guys with less confidence who will occasionally feel the need to put their foot down easily and quickly.

Please Note:
There is a Father and Son training additional surcharge of 1,000 THB for the 3 hour training tour and 1,500 THB for the full day training tour. The training is conducted as private tuition.
Hotel pick up / drop off times for a 3 hour or full day training sessions are the same as the standard 3 hour or full day trail tour and can be booked online but please remember to add to your booking that you are looking for a Father and Son PRIVATE training tour.