Enduro Madness - Our Bikes

Our Bikes

All of our dirt bikes that you will ride are regularly replaced and are maintained to an excellent condition. The main bikes we use for our Enduro tours are the Kawasaki KLX 250cc, Honda CRF250l, Honda CRF 300cc and KTM 350 enduro bikes that have all have vast upgraded modifications. We also have smaller Kawasaki klx 125,140 and 150cc bike as well as a KTM 350 exc-f at our disposal.

We use the Kawasaki klx and Honda CRF dirt bikes for several reasons. Firstly the bikes have enough power to handle every type of terrain you may come across whilst on tour. Whether you want to wheelie for km’s or climb seriously steep rocky inclines these bikes will deliver. Infact our Honda sponsored guide Manoch Abdulkaree has won the Asian Enduro Championship several times riding the modified Honda CRF 300cc bike.

Secondly we understand however that the main reason you are booking an Enduro Madness dirt bike tour is to have fun and see the sensational trails that surround the vast city and it is no fun making a mistake on an overpowered bike and spending the rest of your holiday in a Thai hospital with huge bills to pay for. These bikes are incredibly forgiving for all sorts of rider errors and deliver very smooth power.

Thirdly the bikes we use are made here in Thailand and therefore it is very easy and affordable to firstly buy the bikes and also to get parts when needed which then reflects in our incredibly low tour prices. This also allows us to keep our bikes constantly in great condition and to regularly replace the entire fleet!

Kawasaki Klx 250cc x 8
The KLX 250’s are as strong as tanks, fantastic suspension, unbelievably comy to ride and deliver incredibly smooth throttle power.

Modified ECU, modified injection, camshaft, throttle assembly, clutch plates, 49T rear sprocket, x link chain, increased airflow, Yoshimura racing exhaust,Racing boy fat handlebars, acer handguards, alloy bash plate and Quick MX nobbly tires.

Honda CRF 250cc x 10
The Honda’s reliable engine is bomb proof and with some modifications are as feisty as a horny Rottweiler.

Modified ECU, modified injection, camshaft, throttle assembly, clutch plates, Yoshimura racing exhaust, 49T rear sprocket, x link chain, Upgraded rear shocks, Racing boy fat handlebars, Acer Handguards, alloy bash plate and Quick tires.

Honda CRF 300cc x 8
These bikes are ready to race and we keep them reserved for our level 3 and 4 expert riders who will be tackling the most extreme terrain.

300 cc upgrade kit, Modified ECU, camshaft, throttle assembly, clutch springs, FMF or Yoshimura racing exhaust, 49T rear sprocket, x link chain, Ohlins front and rear shocks, Renthal Twinwall handlebars, Zeta Handguards, RXF wide foot pegs, RXF brake and gear levers, alloy bash plate and Quick tires.

Honda CRF 250r x 2
The Honda CRF 250r is a full on Motocross bike. We only use these bikes at the track with our MX customers and they are kept in a ready to race immaculate condition.

Kawasaki klx 150cc x 3
Slightly higher seat height than the klx 125cc, a very comfortable suspension delivering smooth power. A perfect bike to learn on.

Kawasaki kx 140cc x 2
We absolutely love these mini MX bikes. They have electric start with a medium gear ratio and are a fantastic enduro bike as well as great on the MX track for the lighter rider. We have tuned our kx 140’s to the max and they absolutely fly.