Dirt Bike Endruo Tours in Pattaya

The ultimate dirt bike tour in Pattaya, Thailand. Let us take you on an unforgettable adrenaline-fueled adventure in paradise!

Extreme Off-Road Adventures in the Extreme City!


Ride the Tracks and Trails of Thailand

Ride off-road tracks and trails full of adventure at every turn. We offer customized tours for all skill levels, from novice riders to advanced thrill-seekers!  

Enduro Madness – Off-Road at its Best!

During our enduro tours, enjoy some of Thailand's breathtaking scenery, mixed with lots of fun in Asia's best party city.

All Welcome

Enduro tours are not just for the guys - couples, fathers and sons, even entire families can enjoy the trails.

                 Awesome Guided Dirt Bike Tours in Pattaya Thailand!

Enduro Madness Pattaya

A very cool off-road enduro adventure tour, right here in the exteme city of Pattaya Thailand is what we offer! Whether your looking for an extreme Thailand enduro holiday tour or simply an awesome day of dirt bike trail riding in the world class tracks and trails surrounding Pattaya City Thailand - you will find exactly what you are looking for with Enduro Madness Pattaya!

During your awesome enduro tour you will cover many different types of terrain such as dirt roads, deep desert sandy trails, rocky trails, tight jungle single-track trails, high hill side tracks, streams, creeks and even waterfalls. You will get to see real wild Thailand with  stunning scenery such as silver-lake, Big Buddha mountain,and incredible mountain views of the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.

 Enduro-Madness has four professional enduro guides and our enduro tours can be mixed to suit your ability. We can cater for beginner and intermediate riders with expert tuition and catered tailor made trails right up to advanced level riders who are looking for some hard core trail riding and serious xtreme enduro action! We can also give you the opportunity to experience the motocross race tracks here in Pattaya.


 We have an impressive fleet of 14 enduro bikes and 2 Motocross bikes. The bikes you will be using for trail riding will be Kawasaki klx 250cc and Honda CRFl 250cc dirt bikes. We also have smaller enduro bikes and different bike setups to accommodate all riders.  Our chosen four stroke dirt bikes are very strong and reliable with a decent tank size  that have been modified to give you plenty of power. Our bikes are always kept upto date and in excellent condition. All bikes are replaced every three years and are always kept in top condition! Likewise our enduro clothing, boots, helmets etc are all top quality brands such as Alpinestar and Fox. We pride our selves that on every tour all you need to do is get out of bed in time and the rest is down to us. We supply absolutely everything so you needn't worry about a thing.

Please remember you are getting the chance to have an ultimate thrill for very little money. In-fact our tours are on average 2-3 times cheaper than similar tours in Europe the U.S and Australia.  It's impossible for anyone to truly understand our amazing tours until they have experienced it. All of our fantastic Thailand Enduro tours will leave you feeling like you have really accomplished something special.


Whether its a fun day out getting dirty or a spectacular Thailand enduro holiday tour getting absolutely filthy; Enduro-Madness offers are the best, no one else can offer this experience at this price. Enduro Madness has been successfully established since 2006. We are proud that our facilities, bikes, riding gear, awesome trails and excellent safety record is second to none. We are a TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) licensed company. Everything about our set up is first class and highly professional.

Simply put - we guarantee you'll have an awesome off-road enduro adventure!

Enduro-Madness = Off-Road at it's Best!

Quality Dirt Bike Tours

• Quality tour guides.
• Quality New Kawasaki 250cc Dirt Bikes
• Quality clothing- pants/trousers and tops.
• Quality body armor
• Quality Boots, helmets and goggles
• Quality 4x4 back up vehicle
• Quality fun
• Quality safety
• Quality hotel/resort on all our longer trails.
• Quality Madness

Improved Performance

All our Kawasaki KLX 250cc Dirt Bikes have several adaptations to improve performance:

• Proper off road knobby tires
• Alloy Renthal handle bars
• De-restricted engine
• Larger rear sprocket
• Increased air flow
• Oversize bash plate
• Full power racing exhaust

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